Work that is an invitation to see beyond the surface… What does that mean?

It means that once upon a time, I was not a questioner.  I have not always looked deeply at what was going on around me or inside of me.  But life changes.

Now, what is most interesting to me is what is not immediately visible. I am especially intrigued with seeing internal and external events in layers, and with depicting the internal and the external in a composition together.

When the subject matter is a person, my role is artist-as-storyteller. The story may involve dreams, memories, and states of being.

When the subject matter is the natural world, my role is artist-as-archaeologist: digging for things unseen to place alongside images of nature.

Mixed media artwork is the perfect vehicle for such explorations. There is a pleasing rhythm in monoprinting . And, through collage, rich textures and layers of paper and fabric emerge.

I invite the viewer to look deeply with me. Perhaps we will both learn to see things in new ways.

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